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Coming from the photographic world, ALU is an Italian company with an international experience in the design and development of modular systems for the retail world. 

  • Our story

    Our origins date back to 1987, when photographer and entrepreneur Lino Manfrotto realized that New York retailers were using Autopole in their window displays and store interiors. Soon thereafter, to clearly differentiate itself from the original photographic business, ALU opened its first showroom in New York


    Today, Autopole sports its true timelessness as the ALU SHOP offers a selected range of home fixtures and sanitizing stations with a modular and minimal design.  To explore the whole ALU catalogue and to know more about the company's offer, go to

  • MoMA chose Autopole and Super Clamp

    In November 2009, the Committee of Architecture and Design of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has decided to add Autopole and Super Clamp to their permanent collection.

    "What fascinates me about this product more than its past is the future. Because our Autopole and Super Clamp are like bricks: they are basic elements that allow you to construct photo studios, cinematographic and theatre sets, shop windows and product display kits. Tomorrow they will allow consumers create supports and displays in their homes" (2010, A. Manfrotto).